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About Us: Chotustore Ecommerce Pvt Ltd

We started of as a small shop selling laptops then spares and then repairs of it ,we grew fast enough and with ecommerce presenting us the opportunity to reach a wide range of customers with a wider range of products we took it with Chotustore Ecommerce Pvt Ltd.

Guiding Vision for our business:
If you are too busy to read through, the essence is

Be nice to people, with deep study and effort bring innovative products that make customer's life better and still sell them cheap so that large section of society is benefited rather than pricing them high and bringing benefits only to an exclusive few. Even elites in India wouldn't mind getting a good product at reasonable price.

India has the numbers so a business can do very good with a constant stream of innovative products @ reasonable prices .Anything and everything you buy from Chotustore must be a reasonably priced product and good enough at that amount of money.

So if you love our store, please spread the word..                 . The more the numbers we get the better the prices will get in our store.

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Our beliefs:

1) Value for customer's money

  • Keep product prices reasonable .
  • Value for money is not same as being cheap.
    Some products may feel expensive but they still find a place in our store because they might be exclusive and cannot be substituted.Since we are committed to make customers lives better , we think some people may pay that money to bring convenience to their lives and still the product is value for money .

2) Be nice to nice people and ignore the bad ones

For us : Might should not be right
the current indian businesses, pay the customer who makes too much noise puts up a fight holds you to ransom misusing the rating system and ignores the good customers who dont put up too much fight .

We will do the opposite, we will listen to each genuine customer ,serve them well and plain ignore the nasty ones, we believe we will do better by having only a base of good customers.

3) Pay minutest attention to each product and stand by each product in the store:

Each product strive to keep it best in the segment within that price band, all our products may not be the finest grade but we believe in balancing cost to quality . We don't to make it too expensive in search of perfection our audience is mass segment not just the elites.

4) Bring total transparency about product information: Hidden costs, hiding product flaws, photoshopping images to hype the product are big no no for us, all our listings will include actual images so you totally know what you are buying and there are no surprises or disappointments.

5) Remain a lean organisation: We will hire people carefully and add only genuine and smart people to the team who share the same values / ethics, grow slowly but not let the vision die.

We humbly request you try our store and products and give us feedback and also recommend us to people if you find us good . Since we don't have large marketing budgets your reference is our only chance of survival.

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Contact Us

Chotustore ecom. Pvt. Ltd.
Navjivan Commercial Premises
Bldg. No. 3 , 5th Floor, Room No. 511
Lamington Road, Mumbai Central,
Tel: +91 9930718787

Delivery info

Most of the products are dispatched withing 1 working day, we use ebay power shipping for all eligible orders, for those orders where power shipping is not available, we dispatch through India Post Speed post service with tracking numbers.

Payment Options

We accept Paisapay and Cash on Delivery.