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Customer Feedback

User:Date:27-Feb-2018 14:04:45 IST
User:Date:16-Feb-2018 15:17:12 IST
Praise:Everything fine, Good shop.
User:Date:18-Jan-2018 10:18:54 IST
User:Date:27-Dec-2017 12:54:14 IST
Praise:good seller
User:Date:30-Nov-2017 22:25:29 IST
Praise:good product
User:Date:27-Nov-2017 17:09:49 IST
Praise:Nice product
User:Date:27-Nov-2017 14:21:32 IST
Praise:good one...
User:Date:27-Nov-2017 14:21:14 IST
Praise:good one....
User:Date:11-Nov-2017 20:39:56 IST
Praise:good seller. very good communication and fast shipping. good product too
User:Date:01-Nov-2017 14:58:23 IST
Praise:prompt seller! very trustworthy
User:Date:01-Nov-2017 08:08:08 IST
Praise:Product is good
User:Date:27-Oct-2017 22:54:00 IST
User:Date:25-Oct-2017 14:22:50 IST
Praise:The keypad is working absolutely fine. Its the best among all online platforms.
User:Date:13-Oct-2017 10:11:57 IST
Praise:I think wrong keyboard is described by me.
User:Date:07-Oct-2017 20:40:40 IST
User:Date:02-Oct-2017 10:27:09 IST
Praise:Works fine.. Not like original but value for money product you can go for it.
User:Date:30-Sep-2017 23:33:13 IST
Praise:Thank you shopping with us.nice communication.Accurate product as listed
User:Date:21-Sep-2017 17:41:49 IST
Praise:Good Product
User:Date:13-Sep-2017 13:24:31 IST
Praise:Product is working fine. delivery is good.
User:Date:04-Sep-2017 23:20:04 IST
Praise:overall good product but delivery is late
User:Date:31-Aug-2017 14:05:11 IST
Praise:Good product
User:Date:26-Aug-2017 16:58:12 IST
Praise:Good quality product; prompt delivery!
User:Date:22-Aug-2017 19:24:29 IST
Praise:Good quality, reasonable price
User:Date:18-Aug-2017 13:06:26 IST
Praise:Good seller my dell backlit KB delivered on time n working perfectly thanks...
User:Date:16-Aug-2017 22:34:51 IST
Neutral:keys were not working but got refund so 3 star
User:Date:09-Aug-2017 08:44:00 IST
Complaint:Some keyboard keys are not working
User:Date:07-Aug-2017 15:49:23 IST
Praise:nice packing and awesome speed delivery
User:Date:31-Jul-2017 10:04:15 IST
Complaint:Contacted seller but no response, keyboard fits perfectly but doesn't work.
User:Date:26-Jul-2017 22:17:51 IST
User:Date:24-Jul-2017 13:19:32 IST
Praise:Very fast delivery. Reasonably good for the price. Would love to shop again.
User:Date:24-Jul-2017 07:59:31 IST
Praise:Good product and fast shipping
User:Date:21-Jul-2017 15:12:46 IST
Praise:works and feel nicer even than original keypad
User:Date:15-Jul-2017 22:56:52 IST
User:Date:13-Jul-2017 02:34:41 IST
Praise:Good seller,fast shipping
User:Date:12-Jul-2017 16:38:55 IST
Praise:fast delivery keyboard working fine
User:Date:24-Jun-2017 05:48:14 IST
Praise:Fantastic seller
User:Date:24-May-2017 18:05:45 IST
Praise:Item was very good
User:Date:06-May-2017 17:07:51 IST
Praise:Hope to deal with you again.
User:Date:15-Apr-2017 12:39:52 IST
Praise:very good product
User:Date:27-Mar-2017 21:38:07 IST
Praise:Hope to deal with you again.
User:Date:08-Mar-2017 16:12:14 IST
Praise:Not bad........ quality item in low budget...
User:Date:18-Feb-2017 09:19:29 IST
Complaint:Key board is not working properly.
User:Date:15-Feb-2017 14:38:53 IST
User:Date:14-Feb-2017 20:11:58 IST
Praise:gud one
User:Date:01-Feb-2017 18:48:02 IST
User:Date:25-Jan-2017 19:49:43 IST
Praise:Quick customer service,Fast delivery,Good product,well packed 5/5
User:Date:24-Jan-2017 14:57:45 IST
Praise:Acer e1-571 keyboard.. good quality
User:Date:23-Jan-2017 22:28:32 IST
Praise:Awesome product! Swift delivery! Thanks to the seller, my phone looks new now!
User:Date:19-Jan-2017 21:24:09 IST
Praise:everything is fine, super fast delivery, but keyboard doesn't fit like exactly
User:Date:16-Jan-2017 17:45:27 IST
Praise:delay receive
User:Date:03-Jan-2017 23:02:56 IST
Praise:thanks ebay or seller
User:Date:01-Jan-2017 13:04:25 IST
Praise:Fast shipping, communicative and kind seller. Keep it up.
User:Date:26-Dec-2016 22:47:26 IST
Praise:Product if Good and devivered in time
User:Date:14-Dec-2016 17:22:37 IST
Complaint:Tab button broken not working properly.
User:Date:13-Dec-2016 09:31:39 IST
Praise:Thankyou; fast delivery. good product
User:Date:06-Dec-2016 10:31:35 IST
Praise:Good Quality. Good Packing. Good Seller. Good to deal with. Thank You!
User:Date:03-Dec-2016 11:16:36 IST
Praise:Item received and it works fine now.
User:Date:26-Nov-2016 15:21:37 IST
Praise:good product, fast delivery
User:Date:21-Nov-2016 14:33:09 IST
Praise:perfect everything
User:Date:18-Nov-2016 15:53:10 IST
Praise:Received the item in good condition and without any delay. Thanks for the servic
User:Date:12-Nov-2016 20:56:38 IST
Praise:good item,
User:Date:08-Nov-2016 05:04:50 IST
Praise:I m satisfied with the product
User:Date:04-Nov-2016 18:47:31 IST
Praise:Shipping and packing was quick. Although there are some scratches on the back!!
User:Date:31-Oct-2016 16:00:59 IST
Praise:100 % satisfaction
User:Date:28-Oct-2016 11:56:02 IST
Praise:I received the item very fast
User:Date:19-Oct-2016 07:21:23 IST
Praise:Excellent seller, good quality product, fast delivery
User:Date:16-Oct-2016 19:06:04 IST
Praise:Excellent Sellr
User:Date:12-Oct-2016 08:37:53 IST
Praise:It's good
User:Date:07-Oct-2016 23:33:15 IST
Praise:Working good...
User:Date:06-Oct-2016 23:21:47 IST
Praise:Excellent Seller.... product just as described.....
User:Date:05-Oct-2016 21:31:50 IST
Praise:Best Service
User:Date:03-Oct-2016 19:39:22 IST
Complaint:I still haven't receive this item
User:Date:02-Oct-2016 19:01:06 IST
Praise:Fast Shipping & Qua. Is High Thanks Sir
User:Date:01-Oct-2016 09:18:52 IST
Praise:GOOD ONE...
User:Date:30-Sep-2016 22:50:16 IST
Praise:A+++ Seller/ Well Packed/Fast Shipping/THX
User:Date:30-Sep-2016 19:58:31 IST
User:Date:23-Sep-2016 17:07:40 IST
Praise:Have any doubts,ask him before purchase or after,it will b resolved.Grt service
User:Date:23-Sep-2016 09:51:17 IST
Praise:Excellent seller, Recieved the Next day itself. Item as described.
User:Date:21-Sep-2016 23:04:54 IST
Praise:Received the item in excellence
User:Date:21-Sep-2016 19:55:24 IST
Praise:Great seller... Good product..
User:Date:18-Sep-2016 03:34:56 IST
Praise:very good product. really liked it.high quality as described
User:Date:14-Sep-2016 13:01:48 IST
User:Date:08-Sep-2016 21:34:36 IST
Praise:good product as I was expecting. Work with G505s. Thanks Chotuatore1 & Ebay.
User:Date:06-Sep-2016 10:18:48 IST
Praise:good stuff, and cheaper than other sellers
User:Date:05-Sep-2016 10:17:40 IST
Praise:great seller
User:Date:31-Aug-2016 05:56:48 IST
Praise:Good quality product received, Thank you
User:Date:27-Aug-2016 07:36:52 IST
Praise:Product has reached in time & it was well packaged. Thank you chotustore1 & ebay
User:Date:22-Aug-2016 19:59:58 IST
User:Date:21-Aug-2016 19:52:31 IST
User:Date:16-Aug-2016 12:09:15 IST
Praise:Fast Delivery Great Products 5 Star Seller
User:Date:15-Aug-2016 11:25:51 IST
Praise:Goooooood product gooiod seller
User:Date:13-Aug-2016 22:11:01 IST
Praise:Product is perfect, Seller extremely good, a pleasure to buy always!
User:Date:13-Aug-2016 14:35:06 IST
Praise:seller is very helpful
User:Date:12-Aug-2016 10:17:45 IST
Praise:Good quality product shipped. Product Matthew given description
User:Date:09-Aug-2016 20:17:14 IST
Praise:Awesome product as iPhone 5 s full housing body. Thank you for delivery.
User:Date:07-Aug-2016 12:15:23 IST
Praise:Original quality item as per description. Great communication.Fast shipment.
User:Date:05-Aug-2016 17:48:41 IST
Praise:Item as described.
User:Date:05-Aug-2016 16:54:49 IST
User:Date:05-Aug-2016 11:45:25 IST
User:Date:03-Aug-2016 09:32:34 IST
Praise:Good Product
User:Date:03-Aug-2016 07:51:54 IST
Praise:Nice Product. Fast Delivery.
User:Date:01-Aug-2016 10:38:36 IST
Praise:A++ - Quick shipping and Quality Product. Thank you
User:Date:01-Aug-2016 09:36:04 IST
Praise:Very good seller. Would like to buy again from them.
User:Date:30-Jul-2016 11:08:53 IST
Praise:Issue was resolved, Has taken action steps immediately. Thanks seller.
User:Date:26-Jul-2016 16:30:36 IST
Praise:A+ eBay Seller,Jet Reply,Highly Recommended,Like to return for future purchases.
User:Date:23-Jul-2016 22:55:56 IST
Praise:Very good! Best body housing for iPhone 5s
User:Date:22-Jul-2016 13:36:55 IST
Complaint:Dont buy. Worst seller.Received non working product. Also seller isnt responding
User:Date:21-Jul-2016 08:42:49 IST
Praise:Nice product and prompt delivery service.
User:Date:20-Jul-2016 17:37:54 IST
Praise:Good and prompt Seller
User:Date:19-Jul-2016 10:48:51 IST
Praise:nice seller A++++ transaction
User:Date:18-Jul-2016 21:30:16 IST
Praise:All well. Neat transection. Super fast. And accurate
User:Date:18-Jul-2016 20:03:17 IST
Praise:Good Seller,item arrived on time.Packaging was nice..Recommended seller.
User:Date:15-Jul-2016 07:11:39 IST
Praise:Excellent Product, Fast Shipping. I am very happy with this purchase.
User:Date:13-Jul-2016 11:18:32 IST
Neutral:Quality of material is very bad. Every during fixing the panel got cracked.
User:Date:12-Jul-2016 13:22:46 IST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:11-Jul-2016 20:27:33 IST
Praise:Great seller with good customer service values, and business ethics
User:Date:11-Jul-2016 12:44:30 IST
Praise:excelent seller
User:Date:11-Jul-2016 12:43:46 IST
Praise:Excellent seller fast delivery
User:Date:09-Jul-2016 19:27:46 IST
Praise:Fast shipping, good product
User:Date:09-Jul-2016 08:34:50 IST
Praise:Excellent dealing. Timely delivery. Good packing
User:Date:09-Jul-2016 07:49:17 IST
Praise:Xcellent seller, Quality product, Quick shipping, A ++++++++++++
User:Date:08-Jul-2016 21:01:47 IST
Praise:Great and genuine seller.
User:Date:04-Jul-2016 23:34:40 IST
Praise:In plastic but ok.
User:Date:04-Jul-2016 17:48:43 IST
Praise:good seller...product not working in REDMI NOTE 3..
User:Date:02-Jul-2016 12:44:38 IST
Praise:nice and good delivery on time thanks
User:Date:29-Jun-2016 16:19:37 IST
Praise:good product
User:Date:29-Jun-2016 10:04:25 IST
Praise:Thanks for shipping the product one day before delivery time . It's working fine
User:Date:27-Jun-2016 19:33:20 IST
Praise:Big cardboard card box for small item, no bubble wrap or thermocol provided!
User:Date:24-Jun-2016 12:28:49 IST
Praise:Item is good enough for the price. Good seller.
User:Date:22-Jun-2016 18:13:58 IST
Praise:Product was really great. Delivery Was also fast
User:Date:21-Jun-2016 16:15:52 IST
User:Date:20-Jun-2016 22:36:26 IST
Praise:Good product. Quick shipping
User:Date:19-Jun-2016 21:40:41 IST
Praise:item is good and genuine proper fittings.
User:Date:18-Jun-2016 10:31:50 IST
Praise:Excellent seller. Sent right product (original)
User:Date:17-Jun-2016 20:20:31 IST
Praise:Very good
User:Date:15-Jun-2016 18:28:38 IST
Praise:Good item
User:Date:15-Jun-2016 16:23:36 IST
Praise:Good shipping and good product , also got a gift . Problem- Gave me wrong colour
User:Date:15-Jun-2016 13:45:40 IST
Praise:Amazing price Amazing product more than Amazing is the shipping, Thank you
User:Date:15-Jun-2016 10:21:01 IST
Praise:Thanks, the mi3 back cover was as described and fits perfectly.
User:Date:14-Jun-2016 18:52:41 IST
Praise:Very fast delivery, item is working
User:Date:13-Jun-2016 07:25:35 IST
Complaint:item received in amazon packing, some one returned the item same item sent to me
User:Date:10-Jun-2016 00:51:46 IST
Praise:good. very good.
User:Date:08-Jun-2016 19:25:24 IST
Praise:Product was exactly the same,received it within 24hrs. :D
User:Date:08-Jun-2016 14:25:48 IST
Praise:Nice Product, Super Fast Shipping
User:Date:06-Jun-2016 23:20:31 IST
Praise:battery aweosme
User:Date:03-Jun-2016 14:49:57 IST
Praise:Good Product, And Good service... A+++++
User:Date:03-Jun-2016 14:49:33 IST
Praise:Good service... A+++++
User:Date:03-Jun-2016 09:21:31 IST
Praise:Best seller
User:Date:02-Jun-2016 18:11:03 IST
Praise:Packing is good, Product is in good condition and product delivered on next day
User:Date:01-Jun-2016 16:41:20 IST
Praise:Good transaction, shipping was fast.
User:Date:01-Jun-2016 12:32:04 IST
User:Date:01-Jun-2016 12:10:51 IST
Praise:Good product, built quality is very good. looks premium. fast delivery
User:Date:31-May-2016 18:53:39 IST
Praise:Awesome seller
User:Date:28-May-2016 18:21:35 IST
Praise:Good one @ right Price
User:Date:25-May-2016 02:57:05 IST
Praise:Depatch Time + Quality is Good
User:Date:24-May-2016 17:40:13 IST
User:Date:24-May-2016 15:11:54 IST
User:Date:24-May-2016 13:47:02 IST
Praise:Very Good. Excellent after fitting. Fully recommended
User:Date:22-May-2016 07:55:52 IST
Praise:prompt delivery, product as described. Performance of the battery not as expctd
User:Date:20-May-2016 18:08:04 IST
Praise:Quick service!
User:Date:20-May-2016 16:59:37 IST
Praise:item received in good condition and well within the stipulated date
User:Date:20-May-2016 09:22:16 IST
Praise:Product is original thanks for selling genuine products
User:Date:18-May-2016 12:24:57 IST
Praise:A+ Very good seller. Highly recomended
User:Date:16-May-2016 11:03:28 IST
Praise:it was nice.. feeling like new
User:Date:13-May-2016 14:40:00 IST
Praise:N5 Back panel. Perfect Product. Fast Shipping. Great Quality. Seller Reccommened
User:Date:13-May-2016 08:20:04 IST
Praise:This product is not yet come to me but I hope it come today
User:Date:12-May-2016 01:34:25 IST
Praise:Good item quality, fast shipping
User:Date:11-May-2016 18:39:44 IST
Praise:Excellent Seller with awesome customer support
User:Date:11-May-2016 17:55:03 IST
Praise:Fast Delivery and Good Packing, Item as described
User:Date:09-May-2016 23:07:40 IST
Praise:Nice quality product!!😎
User:Date:09-May-2016 10:13:07 IST
Praise:Doesnt look original however thanks for the fast delivery
User:Date:08-May-2016 21:33:12 IST
Complaint:No proper Tax / retail invoice provided
User:Date:03-May-2016 15:23:50 IST
User:Date:29-Apr-2016 11:08:23 IST
Praise:Seller is cooperative n product is absolutely gud
User:Date:28-Apr-2016 11:05:08 IST
Praise:got the product on time but the quality is a little on the downside.
User:Date:27-Apr-2016 18:43:14 IST
Praise:Product is ok. Shipping cost is high
User:Date:27-Apr-2016 02:37:18 IST
Praise:Product is perfect, Seller extremely good, shipping company delayed the buy
User:Date:25-Apr-2016 09:03:11 IST
Praise:Good Product.... volume rocker and power button are poping out a little
User:Date:23-Apr-2016 18:25:28 IST
Praise:brilliant product genuine quality and supportive seller
User:Date:23-Apr-2016 16:46:13 IST
User:Date:22-Apr-2016 00:08:48 IST
Praise:Smooth Transaction and Nice person
User:Date:21-Apr-2016 07:21:08 IST
User:Date:15-Apr-2016 18:22:01 IST
Praise:nice item nice seller
User:Date:15-Apr-2016 15:59:43 IST
Praise:Best product, trustworthy seller..
User:Date:15-Apr-2016 14:19:38 IST
Praise:Product delivered as described but there were minor scratches on the edges.Minor
User:Date:15-Apr-2016 08:10:56 IST
Praise:Good product. Good service
User:Date:12-Apr-2016 17:37:23 IST
Praise:Item is genunine
User:Date:12-Apr-2016 17:36:40 IST
User:Date:09-Apr-2016 22:08:27 IST
Praise:Good item, cheap rate, fast shipping. Recomended.
User:Date:09-Apr-2016 11:33:12 IST
Praise:No problem . Good product
User:Date:08-Apr-2016 02:48:53 IST
Praise:Item as described and delievered very fast.
User:Date:06-Apr-2016 13:36:47 IST
User:Date:05-Apr-2016 12:27:25 IST
Praise:Good seller.but seller does not provide deliver men contact pls update it
User:Date:04-Apr-2016 10:48:51 IST
Praise:Working Compatible battery at a good price....
User:Date:03-Apr-2016 10:58:38 IST
Praise:fast shipping. recommended.
User:Date:30-Mar-2016 02:48:43 IST
Praise:Super fast shipping. Excellent quality. My first to go seller from NOW!
User:Date:29-Mar-2016 18:02:28 IST
Praise:Good service
User:Date:28-Mar-2016 13:43:27 IST
User:Date:27-Mar-2016 11:24:56 IST
Praise:gud seller
User:Date:25-Mar-2016 13:10:06 IST
Praise:Good seller, ultra fast delivery & great quality product